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Professional Cleaning Products

Pioneer chemical industries company     
It was founded by Mr. Alaa Abu Hussein with his specialized engineering team, to be one of the leading companies in the raw materials manufacturing field and the raw materials that are mainly used in detergents and sterilizers, and he holds the position of general manager for the main departments, which include:

  1. 1. Sodium Hypochlorite Industry Department 12%
  2. 2. Department of Industrial and household detergents

Sodium Hypochlorite Section 12%    
Where we produce this material from scratch using electrolysis techniques within the highest standards of quality, health, and public safety.    
Sodium Hypochlorite is used in several chemical industries, including

  1. 1. Water treatment and purification as antibacterial materials  
  2. 2. The manufacture of antiviral sterilizers, as it has shown high effectiveness in combating  Covid-19.
  3. 3. Manufacture of detergents and laundry bleach known colloquially as "chlor ".

Industrial and household cleaners    
Through this division, the company manufactures cleaning materials that include the following divisions:   

  1. 1. Industrial cleaning materials:
    • * Special foam in well drilling operations
    • * Special cleaning materials for washing food industrial machines
  2. 2. Household cleaning materials: Dishwashing liquid - hand liquid - general fresheners - general disinfectants - scale removers - laundry bleach - fat removers - washing powders - materials for dishwashers - laundry capsules.

Our Team

Ala'a Abuhussein
General Manager
Amer Abuteeneh
General Production MANAGER & Sales Supervisor of hypochlorite department
0790164890 0787931111
Kareem Shaheen
Financial Manager
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Sales Team